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Traditional facilities management practices are no longer fit for purpose.

A rapidly changing world needs the ability to react 和 adapt at lightning speed. 这就是为什么你的设施合作伙伴应该提供动力, 高效的澳博官方网站,优先考虑弹性和 可持续性.

That’s why we’re no longer talking about facilities management. 相反,我们致力于推动设施改造.


建筑环境会影响很多事情, from the wellbeing of your colleagues to your organisation’s impact on the environment. 改造你的产业是提高生产力的关键, addressing 可持续性 concerns 和 seamlessly answering the changing needs of your people 和 organisation.

在Mitie, we use a combination of 科技nology 和 in-house expertise to help customers reimagine environments 和 experiences, 创造更健康, 更可持续的空间,保护最重要的东西.

我们的澳博官方网站范围包括 清洁, 安全, 项目工程,并与转型的三大重要支柱相一致.

Several staff sitting at desks in front of a big screen showing data from a building


Discover five ways facilities transformation can enhance 和 improve your built environment.


智能建筑, 自动化流程和互联技术, 你可以回答一些重要的问题,比如, “我的财产和一流的财产相比怎么样??以及“我应该花多少钱来优化性能??”

An engineer wearing a headset at a computer terminal, watching maintenance taking place elsewhere. A wall of computer displays 和 other people at desks are in the background


创建特殊, people-focused 和 commute-worthy environments to attract talent, make better use of space 和 exceed the expectations of today’s hybrid workers.

A women using a laptop at a st和ing desk, in a modern open-plan office space


Deploy flexible 和 reliable 清洁 services that incorporate real-time data, 泄漏检测, robotic 清洁 和 dem和-led practices to embrace new efficiencies 和 drive 可持续性.

Two purple 和 black Mitie 清洁 robots in London Heathrow Airport, with a female Mitie worker in a high vis vest using the right-h和 robot


Protect what matters most with state-of-the-art risk 和 安全 services – including perimeter hardening, 无人驾驶飞机, facial recognition 和 AI cameras – that deter crime 和 keep people 和 properties safe 24/7.

A young black 安全 guard holding his radio, with levels of a shopping centre seen behind him


Find the best pathway to net zero 和 drive decarbonisation at the lowest cost with renewable 能源 solutions, 电池存储, 电动汽车, 和 a wide range of data-driven improvements to your built environment.

An illustration of commercial decarbonisation services - green leaves 和 trees in charts, 有一座灰色的办公楼, 绿色向上的箭头,后面是黄色的太阳
Magenta illustration outline of three urban high-rise buildings


We’ll keep you one step ahead of rapidly changing needs 和 create environments that reduce costs, 提高效率,实现你的目标 净零目标. Providing everything from state-of-the-art 安全 和 data-driven 清洁 to predictive maintenance 和 large-scale decarbonisation 项目, 我们有你变换的每个角度.

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Apply the latest methodologies 和 innovations to deliver what matters most to your people. Our experts have years of experience creating colleague-focused 和 commute-worthy environments that attract top talent, improve productivity 和 wellbeing 和 adapt seamlessly to changing working patterns.

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我们使用包括物联网传感器在内的尖端技术, 远程监控, 荡妇, AI, 数据分析和数字双胞胎. These provide actionable insights into the performance of your estate – 和 establish the right 项目 to pursue. 对你的资产表现有了更深入的了解, you can achieve maximum efficiency 和 get more value from your investments, 资源及运作.

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We’ve invested over £145 million 和 six years creating a 科技nology platform that’s unique to our 行业. 有楼宇管理系统, 物联网传感器, 工作场所的应用, 数据可视化工具, 基于人工智能的聊天机器人等等, our platform provides rich insights 和 state-of-the-art experiences that support your organisation’s goals.


Just as our world is changing faster than ever before, so too is the world of facilities management. Join the Workplace Geeks, Ian Ellison 和 Chris Moriarty, for The 澳博官方网站科学 Podcast. The series features some of Mitie’s high-profile partners 和 unpacks how 科技nology is rewriting the rulebook of how 和 what FM companies deliver.

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Read our white paper to explore the most pressing challenges in facilities management today – 和 get advice from our experts on how to overcome them.

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Discover the cutting-edge 科技nology at our 设施 Transformation Hub

We recently unveiled our 设施 Transformation Hub at our London headquarters. Learn how the pioneering 科技nology at its heart is helping our customers to embrace five key trends 和 revolutionise their approach to the built environment.

设施 management innovation space in Mitie HQ with a range of interactive screens 和 displays